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8 Exterior Upgrades for Your Diecast Cars

8 Exterior Upgrades for Your Diecast Cars

10th Nov 2022

Every diecast model collector says that once you dive into this hobby, there is no going back. The reason for this sentiment is that model cars provide so much fulfillment jampacked into a space 1/18th the size of a regular car. And yet, these diecast cars rival their full-sized counterparts thanks to the painstaking attention and detail manufacturers give to every step and piece that makes them.

Model cars are so similar to actual cars that many diecast first-timers will find themselves surprised you can make customizations to them. If you feel interested in upgrading your car but don't know where to start, consider one of these exterior upgrades for your diecast cars.

Before You Begin

Before you begin any work on your diecast model car, it is crucial that you have a proper and sufficient work area. As such, you should have a range of the required tools you might need, supplies, and a clean and open area to work with. Moreover, it is useful to ascertain whether you need to disassemble your car, as it is best to do so beforehand, so it doesn't take too much time. That way, you can dive right into your upgrades.

Tools Required

Depending on your specific project, you might require tools and supplies directly relating to your upgrade. Nonetheless, you will likely require a set of tools, and it is a good idea to obtain a range in case you choose to do more upgrades in the future. Thankfully, many crafting toolsets are available to purchase that have the right dimensions for working on small projects like miniatures.

Disassemble Car

For most custom projects on your diecast model car, you will likely need to disassemble your car. Disassembling your car helps keep you from unintentionally damaging certain pieces. Moreover, it allows you to have a clearer field of vision on the space you are working on, which is crucial when working on scale models.

Prepare Work Area

When you are working on model cars, you have to be quite careful, so it is crucial that you prepare an optimal work area. You don't want any piece to go missing, which is possible, given how small the pieces you are working with are. As such, you want your work area to have sufficient lighting, so an overhead light would be best. Moreover, ensure your workspace has adequate ventilation, especially if you are working with paints and adhesives.

Adjust Suspension

It may seem surprising, but you can adjust the suspension on your diecast model car. Lowering your model car can take a bit more time and energy, as lowering the suspension requires more hands-on adjustments and measuring. Moreover, there are a variety of methods that model car workers will utilize to lower their cars. Most will physically cut the top of their suspension part until it is at the desired height, and then sand and glue the piece back on.

Repainting Your Car

Repainting your model car is one of the most common exterior upgrades collectors will make to their diecast cars. Painting is also a fun way to customize and create the car of your dreams. Repainting your model car requires extra materials like paint stripper, primer, and spray paint.

Moreover, remember that you can use various painting methods, like airbrushing, spray painting, or hand brushing. However, most people prefer airbrushing or spray paint, as hand brushing leaves more room for errors. You also aren't required to strip the paint from your model car before you begin painting, but it helps ensure a more even paint job.

Adding Decals

Adding decals is such an exciting way to add some eye candy to your model car. Once you add decals, you will find yourself stopping to admire and appreciate your work. Keep in mind that most people will also be drawn to the stunning decals you add, so you must take your time applying them to create as perfect an application as possible.

That is why incorporating a decal onto your model car can seem intimidating, as it does require precision and a steady hand. Some useful tips to help ensure a seamless application are to trim back as much backing as possible, and to focus on applying one decal at a time.

Upgrading Tires

When you have your model car disassembled, it is incredibly easy to make this awesome upgrade. If you want to ensure a more seamless installation, it is best to work carefully when popping off the original tires to avoid breaking tabs or an axle. Moreover, before you purchase your wheels, you should measure the original tires to ensure that the new wheels will fit on your car.

Installing LED Lights

Many people love installing LED lights on their model cars as it adds a level of realism that you can't help but love. The most important part of LED light installation is the wiring, which is why you should work slowly and take your time during this process. Moreover, if you choose to add LED lights, you should know there will be a battery power source that you can place within your car or leave beside your car.

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Front and Rear Bumper

If you are a diecast car lover who pays attention to every detail of a model car, then you might consider adding front and rear bumpers to your model. Front and rear bumpers add an extra layer of realism and customization. Moreover, you can go to the next level and even make your own custom bumpers with epoxy putty.

Widen Body

Widening your model car is an exciting modification option that many people love to see on their diecast cars. However, if you want to widen your car, keep in mind that this is also a project that requires a steady hand, as you will likely have to make the parts yourself. That is why there is certainly a smaller margin for error when widening your model car. As such, a huge chunk of this project involves continually eyeing things to ensure everything looks good.

If you are unsure about taking on this modification just yet, try simple upgrades first to get comfortable working on model cars. The most common projects are painting, decals, and adding new tires.