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Collectible Mazda Diecast Model Cars

Our selection of 1:18 scale Mazda diecast model cars includes some of the most popular Mazda vehicles from the past and present. Though most of our diecast Mazda models are built at only 1/18th the scale of the true vehicle we do also carry 1:43 scale Mazda collectible cars. Depending on the model, these replicas feature working doors, hoods, trunks, wheels, and more. From the interiors to the engines, we meticulously create each model to accurately emulate the real deal.

With our collectible Mazda diecast cars, you can proudly display your favorite, top-performing Mazda models including the RX-7, the RX-8, and the MX-5. Depending on our current inventory, our realistic replicas may be available in various colors.

Pick up one our 1:18 scale Mazda diecast model cars today!