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Practical Ways To Maintain Your Model Car Collection

Practical Ways To Maintain Your Model Car Collection

14th Jul 2022

When you put a lot of time and effort into your model car collection, you want the results to last for years. Fortunately, a little bit of care and attention can keep your diecast model cars shining like new. Proper model car maintenance revolves around how you clean, store, and display your collection. Give your diecast models the care they deserve with these practical ways to maintain your model car collection.

Choose the Right Storage Solution

Heat, humidity, and other elements can shorten the life of your diecast model cars. That’s why proper storage and display cases are crucial parts of maintaining your model car collection. Make sure you keep your models in a cool, dry environment. This will prevent melting, warping, and other damage to the cars or their paint.

Spacious storage is also important. Giving each model car plenty of room prevents bumps and scrapes that can ruin the exterior of the model.

There are countless different types of storage or display cases, including glass cases, curio cabinets, and more. No matter which type of case you prefer, look for airtight structures that will help prevent dust. Additionally, opt for LED lights if you need lighting in your display case. LED bulbs don’t emit heat or UV rays, which means they won’t cause your models to fade or melt in the light.

Adopt a Cleaning Routine

Cleaning is another essential part of maintenance, but you have to take care not to cause more harm than good. Because of the delicate and detailed nature of model cars, you need certain tools and cleaners to get rid of dust and dirt without damaging the model.

A soft brush, such as a makeup brush or paintbrush, is perfect for reaching into the nooks and crannies of your diecast model car. Microfiber cloths are also good for wiping down the larger surfaces of your model.

You can also purchase a model car detailing kit for a deeper cleaning job. With specific cleaning solutions, wax, and applicators, you can clean and preserve your Ferrari diecast model car and other models in your collection so that they sparkle like new on your shelf.

Your Collection, Your Choice

There are plenty of tips and tricks for taking care of your model cars, but not all of them will apply to your specific collection. For example, some collectors refuse to open the packaging of their models, while others want to display their cars in the open without any packaging. Each of these choices affects how you clean and maintain your model cars.

At the end of the day, only you can decide how to best take care of your collection. No matter what you choose, using a secure display case and the right cleaning tools will keep your cars shining for years to come.