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The Most Popular Cadillac Models Through the Years

The Most Popular Cadillac Models Through the Years

21st Jun 2022

Cadillac is one of the oldest and most prestigious automakers in the world. Since 1902, Cadillac has become synonymous with luxurious design, reliable performance, and continuous innovation. Several Cadillac models have gained fame throughout the world, with some earning recognition from celebrities, movies, music, and more. From the revolutionary V-16 to the modern darling CTS Series, this guide covers some of the most popular Cadillac models through the years.

1930 V-16

Cadillac dominated the luxury car scene in the pre–World War II era. The V-16’s engine carried an impressive 16 cylinders, allowing the car to generate 185 horsepower and reach 100 miles per hour. This remarkable speed and power made the V-16 an immediate star in the automobile world.

Cadillac designed each coach-built body to individual client tastes, making every model a clear statement of affluence. The V-16’s power, luxury, and popularity solidified Cadillac’s status as an iconic and beloved auto brand.

1959 Series 62 Convertible

The Series 62 featured bold, futuristic designs that drew admiration from some of the biggest names in the country with every new generation. The 1959 Series 62 Convertible is a shining example of this. With distinctive features such as huge tail fins and dual buffet taillights, this model has long been an iconic staple of Jet-Age styling and mid-century luxury vehicles.

The 1959 Series 62 also produced the famous pink Cadillac featured in the 1989 Clint Eastwood film Pink Cadillac, making it one of a handful of pink Cadillacs that popular culture has immortalized.

1992 Seville

The 1992 Cadillac Seville is one of the most iconic cars of the early ’90s. The Seville was so popular that it became a common background piece for movies set in 1990s urban America.

This model was a unique way to kick off the Seville’s fourth generation. The design drew inspiration from Cadillac’s 1988 Voyager, while the 200-horsepower motor could reach speeds of 120 miles per hour. The 1992 Seville was so popular that it earned the Motor Trend Award for Car of the Year.

2014 CTS

Cadillac released its CTS Series in 2003. The CTS models were executive cars that boasted the best of modern luxury. The CTS Series has had several highlights, but the 2014 CTS of its third generation stands out. This luxury sedan reached speeds up to 155 miles per hour, and the rich design and lavish styling throughout the interior and exterior made it an icon of modern luxury.

Auto enthusiasts and collectors across the world value these and other Cadillac models that have been popular through the years. Which Cadillac is your favorite? Show off your love for a specific model or collect all your favorite Cadillac cars with our Cadillac scale models. Find authentic replicas of some of history’s most beloved cars at LiveCarModel today.