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How Does the Value of Model Cars Change Over Time?

How Does the Value of Model Cars Change Over Time?

9th Jun 2022

Model cars are valuable miniatures that can bring a lot of joy to collectors and car enthusiasts alike. While some people enjoy collecting diecast models without paying much attention to the actual worth of these replicas, others pay close attention to the price of their collection. After all, some model cars are incredibly valuable.

Figuring out the worth of a specific model car is useful for selling, trading, or simply taking a little more pride in your collection. To determine the price of your model car, you must first understand how the value of model cars changes over time. Learn about the factors that determine the price of a model car with this brief guide.


Model cars come in several different scales. Generally, bigger models have a bigger price tag. It’s easier to see the intricate and faithful details on a larger scale model. However, bigger model cars require more space to display. This factor can make some collectors hesitant to buy larger model cars. As a result, larger models are sometimes harder to sell than smaller models.


As with any collection, rare or limited-edition models have a much higher price tag than more common ones. Various makes and models have different availability. If a certain type of model car only ran for a short amount of time, it would now be harder to find and, therefore, much more valuable.


The company that made the model car also influences its value. Quality manufacturers that have a reputation for accurate replicas will create more valuable model cars than manufacturers who sell lower quality cars. Older manufacturers that were making model cars in the early 20th century are generally worth more than newer manufacturers, many of which have been known to make cheaper, poor-quality replicas in recent years.


Public opinion plays a huge role in how the value of a model car changes over time. Various trends can increase or decrease the value of a specific model. For example, if a famous racer retires or wins a championship, the value of their car will increase. Racing seasons, celebrities, and other societal trends have a major effect on the price of model cars.


Of course, even the most valuable diecast model cars will decrease in price if they’re in poor condition. Model car enthusiasts look at the condition of the car itself as well as whether it’s in the original packaging. Mint condition model cars show no signs of wear and tear. Mint in Box (MIB) and Mint on Mint Card (MOMC) models have no signs of wear and are still in their original packaging, making them more valuable than other models. Meanwhile, model cars that contain broken parts, chipped paint, or other signs of age are less valuable.

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