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The 4 Most Popular Diecast Model Car Brands

The 4 Most Popular Diecast Model Car Brands

5th May 2023

Diecast model cars can be highly collectible. Enthusiasts will search high and low for their favorite makes and models, increasing their value and driving up demand.

For some, only certain manufacturers and years will do. These are the four most popular diecast model car brands available today.


Since 1990, Miasto has been creating scale model vehicles of most releases. Created by a Hong Kong-based company called May Cheong, Maisto offers models from nearly every car manufacturer for an affordable price. They're an excellent choice for both beginners and long-time collectors.

The company offers beautifully crafted designs that collectors can appreciate. There's a good chance Maisto will have a scale model replica of the car you're looking for.


For over 20 years, Greenlight has produced authentic diecast replicas of figures, vehicles, and automotive accessories. Based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, the company was founded by Kevin Davey of Davey Sports Management Inc., a sporting goods store.

Greenlight is well-known for its fair price point, allowing people from all walks of life to get into diecast model car collecting. Many diecast collectors also appreciate their attentive designs.


AUTOArt was formed by the union of other companies: UT Models, Gateway, and Gate. Beginning in 1998, they started offering high-end diecast models that give collectors more details and materials than ever before.

Those interested in collecting scale model cars will likely want to check out AUTOArt for their consistent build quality across all their models.


Based out of Italy, BBR delivers the highest quality model car replicas with astonishing detail. Their focus on customer satisfaction has made them one of the most popular brands for buying diecast model cars.

If you prefer to collect sports cars or European makes and models, BBR is the company for you. You'll never be short of ideas with so many miniatures available to display.

Consider Which Brand Fits Your Budget and Interests

The best diecast model car brand depends on what you're looking for. Whether you want to save money or get something incredibly detailed and unique, there's a brand that meets your needs.

The four most popular diecast model car brands offer something both beginners and veterans can appreciate.