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The Story Behind the Very First Porsche Car

The Story Behind the Very First Porsche Car

16th Aug 2022

Very few people on the planet do not know about Porsche, the luxury automobile manufacturer. Their wide scope and range of regard are thanks to their exceptional and powerful sportscars that always set the standard. You can't mistake a Porsche silhouette, but its designs have come a long way from the first make. Here is the story behind the very first Porsche car.

What Came First?

If you search for the first model of the Porsche, you will find sources saying different things. That is mostly because Ferdinand Porsche was a carmaker for other manufacturers before founding the Porsche engineering office in 1931. As such, the first car made by Porsche is the P1, short for Porsche one, but officially known as the 1898 Egger-Lohner electric vehicle, C.2 Phaeton.

However, it is important to note that this is not a Porsche car, but rather a Porsche-designed car. This car marked the start of Ferdinand’s career, paving the way for the creation of the first Porsche car bearing the iconic brand name.

A Sportscar Called Porsche

The debate continues as the story behind the very first Porsche car depends entirely on your definition. Some say the first Porsche car is the 1939 Porsche type 64, and while it bore the name, this car was solely for racing and not for sale to the public by the company. So, you could say the 64 is a sportscar called Porsche, but not necessarily a Porsche car. However, we cannot understate its importance, as its design would clearly foretell the first Porsche car available to the public, the 1948 Porsche 356.

1948 Porsche 356

Finally, we arrive at what many consider the first Porsche car, with the 1948 Porsche 356 production model—what a journey! The 365 is a two-door sportscar known for its nimble handling, lightweight feel, and sleek aerodynamics coupled with a stunning design. The 356 marked the beginning of Porsche, the luxury automobile company.

Who can say for certain what was the first car? That might be a debate that goes on forever. The Porsche 356 represents the last chapter of the first book of what would only be the start of Porsche’s 91-year history. The journey goes to show that this company was certainly not built in a day; rather, the iconic designs synonymous with Porsche took time to achieve.

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