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Key Considerations When Painting Your Diecast Car

Key Considerations When Painting Your Diecast Car

29th Sep 2022

Whether you’re quite familiar with diecast model cars or have little to no experience with them, the thought of painting one can be stressful for anyone. Diecast cars are models with incredible accuracy and detail that you don’t want to risk damaging at all. However, that doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to give these models a fresh coat. These are your key considerations when painting your diecast car.

Consider Disassembly

If you want to paint your diecast model car, you must consider disassembling your car beforehand. This will result in an overall better paint job. However, model cars are works of art that require diligent attention and care when disassembling. As such, you’ll need a proper tool kit to deal with these miniature models efficiently.

Consider Workspace

One of the key considerations when painting your diecast car is planning your workspace. Your workspace may be unsuitable for working on diecast model cars, especially if you plan on painting with an airbrush. An airbrush or paintbrush can provide more detail, but if your workspace doesn’t have proper ventilation, you could put yourself in danger. As such, it’s best to work in a ventilated area no matter what type of car model work you’re doing.

Consider Stripping Paint

When you plan on painting your diecast model car, you should know that you’re more than free to paint onto an existing paint job. However, you might consider stripping that old paint before you begin, as not doing so can lead to an uneven paint job. You don’t want anything to affect your project’s finish. We completely understand that.

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Consider Paint Quality

As we touched on lightly, there are a couple of different paint types that you can use that vary in quality. If you choose to airbrush or paint, you’ll likely use a higher quality paint, but you must ensure you work in a suitable space. However, you can also choose from a wide range of spray paints that will also give you a finish you can be happy with. You may purchase your spray paint at a craft store or automotive store and expect stunning outcomes with both.