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Tips for Adding LED Lights to Your Model Cars

Tips for Adding LED Lights to Your Model Cars

15th Sep 2022

There is nothing more exciting than adding a new element to your model cars, and one of the most popular ways of doing so is by incorporating LED lighting. LED lights add a dynamic look that makes your model car look even more realistic. Thankfully, LED bulbs can last quite a while, so you only have to worry about the installation process. Before you start, here are some of our tips for adding LED lights to your model cars.

Have the Tools

Firstly, you must ensure you have all the necessary tools to install LED lights in your model cars. Of course, you will need micro-LED lights, but you will also require pliers, cutters, and screwdrivers that can accommodate your model car. You might think you can use what’s already in your toolbox, but doing so can result in more challenging work that can actually damage your models. That is why purchasing a tool kit for working on model cars is a great idea, as you can also utilize these special tools for future projects.

Handle With Care

As you know, model cars have exquisite detail with high-quality parts that look nearly authentic to their full-size model. When you install LED lights, the wiring is the most complex process and requires a great deal of handling. That is why it is so important that you work slowly and carefully when adding LED lights to your model cars.

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Power Source Location

Your LED light will need a powered battery source, but you must decide where to place it; some place the source within the car, while others keep it separate from the car. If you imbed the power source right into your car, you will need to handle the car more often to replace the battery, which can increase the likelihood of damage. Moreover, it might be a noticeable distraction if you choose to have the power source separate from your car. Each option has pros and cons, and what you choose depends on your preferences.